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Boulder Beer Scavenger Hunt (and Spring on the Front Range) 24 April 2011

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This blog will be returning to the regular weekly posting schedule soon, so don’t fret.

It’s difficult to find anything to write about this time of year. The skiing has (mostly) ended. The cycling season, in the mountains at least, has yet to begin. It’s an in-between time, bereft of the the usual pleasures, although let’s be honest: in any other city without mountains, this is how things would feel all the time. April still offers road rides on the flat lands around here, but the interesting stuff must wait till June.

Still, it’s a time to think about spring, especially since we’ve already arrived at Easter.

Remember Sit and Be Fit? Neither do I.

Two things herald the return of spring on the Front Range: flowers and people drinking outside. In warmer climes, I suppose people take sip their cocktails outdoors year-round, but come October, Denverites hole up in darkened bars and clubs, swaddled in layers of performance outerwear. It’s a happy day when people once again proliferate on patios. A happy day indeed.

But perhaps it’s an even happier day when spring transforms into costume season, as happened last weekend. Boulder Beer, makers of “Hazed and Infused,” and other drugs, holds an annual scavenger hunt along Pearl Street, Boulder’s version of the 16th Street Mall without the homeless people and crazies. As with most scavenger hunts, it seems more an excuse to drink than to compete in anything too serious, although the first place prize of a year’s worth of beer likely motivates some. And the chance to dress up motivates the rest.

Anyway, for the past five years, it’s worked like this: you dress up, you find and take pictures of things on and around Pearl Street, and you drink Boulder Beer, for free. Sorry that you’ve already missed it this time around, but with Denver Cruisers┬ástarting May 18th, the next costumed outings are just around the corner.


Colorado Beer 14 July 2010

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Great Divide Brewing Co–my new favorite brew team–doesn’t have the money or the time for video marketing.

But its fans do. Leisure suits, street justice and beer together here: