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I arrived in Colorado as a ski bum and stayed because I fell in love with this state, its mountains and its people. This blog explores all three, once a week on Monday or Tuesday and more often than that if something interesting catches my eye. Have an idea? E-mail me at alwpeters (at) gmail (dot) com.



1. Laura Victoria - 4 August 2010

Hey, I’m ExPat ExLawyer. I write a lot about Summit. http://www.abusivediscretion.wordpress.com. I’s like to know more about you, so please email me, and update your About page. Looks like you’ve made it through your first mud season.

I am a Summit voter, but I live in Los Cabos, Mexico.

email me anytime at lauraincabo@gmail.com

2. michelle a buck - 10 December 2010

i worked as a trailride leader just 5 miles outside of telluride can’t for the life of me remimber my bosses name . he was the coors beer black stalion guy and disney actor . i would love to come back home to telluride but till then plz send if ya can litture to michelle a senesac thank u so much

3. magicdufflepud - 1 February 2011

Hey, Michelle. I only visited Telluride, and when I worked on the mountain, it was in Keystone, so I can’t tell you who it was. Sorry about that.

4. Steve (Steveo) Zelie - 6 November 2011

Working backwards from November’s Post is getting me pumped about skiing and living in Colorado. Nobody enjoyed this state more than John Denver. Now I am going to add some John Denver to my ski ipod. Great pictures and commentary..back to September…….Steveo

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