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Aaaaaand we’re back! 19 June 2011

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Okay, it’s summer. We moved. I didn’t have internet access. Those are excuses, so let’s face it, I’ve been bad about posting. Once every few weeks isn’t good enough, so here’s how it’s going to work this summer: a new post every Sunday night, just for you, dear readers. Or at least those of you who’ve stuck around while I dallied.

Here’s what’s in store over the next few weeks:

  1. The sand dunes. If you’re from Colorado, you know about them. But have you been there? And if you’re not from Colorado, well, the idea that middle America is home to sand dunes hundreds of feet high should catch your interest, too.
  2. Bike to Work Day. Denver and Boulder send more commuters to work on bike than most cities in the country, and on June 22nd, both cities will make the two-wheeled commute an even more attractive option with breakfast stops and swag. I may catch up with pro-cyclist Rory Sutherland, who’s riding in Colorado’s USA Pro-Cycling Challenge later this summer.
  3. Cycling St. Vrain Canyon. It’s 20 miles north of Boulder, from Lyons to Ward, and it’s one of the most beautiful routes on the Front Range. Get ready for 6000 feet of vertical.
  4. Cycling Deer Creek Canyon. Head south, pass the Lockheed Martin whateveritis factory and ride from red rock country up to the aspens.
Maybe you’ll get some other things in between, but those are the posts each have a slot on the docket and we’ll get to them, together. But for the time being, my promise to you is a post a week, perhaps more if I get adventurous.
It’s summer here in the high country, so get ready.


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