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Post Tomorrow 4 April 2011

Posted by magicdufflepud in Skiing.

I know, I know… it’s been a while, and I haven’t written anything too useful lately, but fear not, a post comes tomorrow, celebrating the joys of spring skiing.

For now, though, you should check out the great guest post up on ColoradoPowderForecast (excerpt below). Don’t be a ski-diva.

Dinger totally had a “Diva Day.”

Dinger is one of my best friends here in Colorado; he organizes the bulk of our social gatherings, has a tendency toward being hilarious and is generous to a fault. He’s also one of my favorite people to ski with (and not just because he has an AWD car and lets me bring my dog). Dinger pushes me to ski terrain that would normally have me unclicking my bindings and curling up in the fetal position, crying in a tree well. He’s really good at building up my confidence without making me feel like a lame-o. Because 80 percent of the time he’s a great skiing buddy, I’m going to go easy on him here. Everyone’s allowed at least one “Diva Day” per season. That Friday was Dinger’s.

He tried borrowing my powder skis and they didn’t fit. Then he didn’t wait at the lift, but puttered around trying to reset the bindings on said skis. Then he was hungry. Then he was hungover. Even he admitted he was being a diva. If he could have awarded himself an EpicMix badge, it would have been one with a pink, pretty pretty princess crown. Diva happens. But if you know the signs, you can prevent yourself (or a friend – friends don’t let friends be daily divas, or else they get left at the tunnel) from becoming the friend who doesn’t get called on powder days.

The rest is just as good. You can find it here.




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