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K-State Hates Bikes? 24 August 2010

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A friend passed this along to me today. If it’s satire, then it’s pitch-perfect, and if not… I fear for the American system of higher education.

The key passage from Joshua Madden’s op-ed in the Kansas State Collegian:

On his website, the blogger and pseudo-philosopher Ryan Holiday writes, “I get really angry when I get behind a slow driver and people always tell me to calm down. They don’t get where the rage comes from. It comes from not being able to understand how someone can be so devoid of purpose or direction that they not only lack urgency in their own life, but they actively impede others who know where they want to go.”

I couldn’t have put it better myself. I understand that biking on a road might be more convenient than biking on the sidewalk. Actually, I really don’t understand how that could possibly be true at all, so I guess I should rephrase this and say that I understand some bikers argue that biking on the road is better. Regardless of whether it is true or not, that convenience comes at everyone else’s expense.

New maxim: getting angry is always better than understanding.


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