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Still not summer 26 April 2010

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Titling a post “Never Summer” a while back probably makes this one redundant, but hey, it’s been snowing for I think five days straight now. And although just about every mountain around here is closed and you’re probably golfing, that doesn’t mean the Coloradans aren’t still heading for the hills. In droves. In bunches and bunches.

Nearly three feet of snow had fallen by Sunday, and the eleven inches that settled on Arapahoe Basin’s angry pitches only buried another ten from the two days before. “Where,” Coloradans collectively asked, “had this been the entirety of the season?” Then they skied it for a few hours–until the sun came out and the powder piled into clumps and bumps–and wished that winter would get it over with already. They drank bloody marys(ies?) out of plastic cups and chatted about the possibility of mountain biking the next weekend.

I won’t say this is Colorado distilled yet it represents the ennui that has set in at the end of the season. And after so little snow has fallen there’s, this sense that despite the obligations of lawn mowing and hedge trimming and flower cutting in the Front Range that, well, 21 inches has fallen in the mountains. Time to dust off the skis. Put the cover back on the Lawn-Boy. Fight the crowds. Everyone on the lifts hadn’t skied in weeks. It was a last hurrah. One guy wished for kayaking season to begin, and I’d agree, but kayakers are certifiably crazy. Just YouTube some of it.

Thinking about it, I guess it’s my last hurrah as well. I leave my position at Vail Resorts just a few days from now. My storage locker is secure. My unwanted clothes are now at the thrift store. And now I’m left with the task of picking up my life and moving it somewhere. Not to Missouri of course, but perhaps back to this state in a different, more challenging capacity; perhaps to Seattle to discover the possibilities of the northwest. Five more days.


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