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Never Summer 9 April 2010

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Vail reported its largest dump of the year two days ago, and even though the state’s avalanche crew disputed the 19″ figure, it amounted to a whole lot of snow–nearly three feet by the time the storm left town. Back in Williamsburg, temperatures hovered in the low 90s. What gives? Where’s spring? 9000′ lower, I’d imagine.

Sometime in November, the year-round folks her pointed out that winter tends to drag on, and that around the end of March Coloradans once again long for green shoots and a few buds on the trees. Not really believing them, I discounted that idea. Who wouldn’t want ski season to extend forever? It’s now April. And I don’t. The ski season can end.

Sure, it’s still possible to tool around on the mountain big grin plastered across the face, but it’s high time for some other outdoorsy pursuits to begin, like roadbiking and hiking and looking at anything green. Really. An Apple II E featured a broader palette than does wintertime Colorado. It is a land of brown and white laid out under a cobalt sky. The lodgepole pines have long since succumbed to the advancing beetle, and what ever-greenery remains will perish in the next few years as well. But lest you think it’s a desolate landscape from Fargo, nine months of winter in Colorado will always beat the grinding rain of Williamsburg’s coldest season. There’s a bra tree, after all.

Still. Summer. A humid languor in the river bottom air. The sun’s setting. A silo in the distance, and the bike speeds along in the wind. The bat cracks. A little league cheer and the sound of a shifting gear. A lone oak in a cornfield, the cliche. Headlights on and highschoolers on their way to a house party. A bonfire in the woods and empty lawn chairs circled around a cooler. A can of Budweiser at the side of the road. Tap on the brakes. Jack calls. He’s on his way to Main Street. Too soon to turn around.


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