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Gaper Day 3 April 2010

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Don't be this guy.

When you ski, you are probably a gaper. That you don’t know the term also demonstrates the the truth of it. But since everyone enjoys a bit of self-assessment, let’s try some right now. Assess away, gaper hordes: ten questions to vaunted gaperdom.

When you ski:

1. Do you wear jeans/your favorite team’s hoodie/anything with a Florida gator on it?

2. Do you refer to our sport as “snow skiing” to, I guess, differentiate it from all the water skiing that goes on at 13000′?

3. Did you you leave your rental SUV flipped in a ditch on your way to the mountain?

4. Do you call our spiffy skier-toting, flying sky-box thing as the gon-DO-la?

5. Does the wind whistling between your goggles and helmet bother you?

6. Do you and your skiing buddies/gaggle flock to the center of the run above any vaguely steep pitch? Or, alternatively, do you flee to the edge of every run without glancing uphill?

7. Do you wear make-up that’s not left over from the night before?

8. Does the name Carhartt appear anywhere on your person?

9. Look down. Are you on blades?

10. Are you from Texas?

Don’t worry about the answers. You are probably a gaper. I was too. But there is hope for you yet: Ski. A whole bunch–and then head to A-Basin on April 1st for Gaper Day, next year I guess since 2010’s has already come and gone. May the best neon onesy win.


1. adrianalucilla - 4 April 2010

the nifty little calendar on your blog says it’s april 4th. how much longer are you staying out there?

magicdufflepud - 6 April 2010

I’m quitting my job on May 1st with no firm plans on what to do next. Swirling into the sales nether wasn’t on the list so I’ve started looking at/applying to positions in the Front Range, and if that doesn’t pan out, Seattle with Michael looks pretty attractive.

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