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No. No Snow. Well, not at Keystone anyway. 19 March 2010

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I am at a loss. The Summit Daily bannered “Storm to Drop 1-2 Feet of Snow on Summit” this morning and NOAA, the most conservative bunch of meteorologists around here, posted a 100% chance for 10-14 inches. Eleven o’clock rolled around. Nothing. NOAA had revised estimates downward: 90% for 8-12. Then one o’clock 70% and 3-7. But no. Nothing. It’s as though a force field exists around this place. The airborne assault cannot touch Keystone, Summit County misses yet another storm, and for the first time, I’m genuinely upset. Not miffed. Not agitated. Upset.

Yes, people are starving in Mali. Yes, more than one billion people around the world live on less than one dollar a day. Yes, my complaint is petty, insignificant, but there it is. What’s the point?

On the bright side, the snow fell in heaps on the other face of the Continental Divide, and that meant Michael and I got to play one of my favorite winter driving games (that I just invented): Guess the Next Wreck! The game is simple. The players propose the conditions of the next accident–car/SUV, in a ditch/into the median, head lights on/off and so forth–and then delight in discovering just how right or wrong they were. What fun!

This afternoon, for instance, we chanced upon the whole slate of interstate catastrophe: the mid-highway with collision requiring fire trucks and all; the sideways-slipping Honda CRV whose driver jumped out in the middle of the lane to inspect his predicament, and then a medley of cars and trucks ditched in the median, most gathering snow and awaiting the eventual (springtime?) return of an owner.

Best of all, we played audience to Audi driver’s expert performance just outside the airport. Tearing away from an intersection intent on playing bumper bowl with the sides of a bridge, his determination paid off in a vehicular pirouette on the slush. Bounce! Into the left wall with terrific force. Then, reverse, and in an effort to outdo himself, another hard acceleration. Bounce! Into the right wall before speeding off, surely to fulfill a rather more important engagement with a lamppost or a trashcan. I should hope he doesn’t disappoint.


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