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New Skis 3 March 2010

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08/09 Rossignol Phantom SC 80

I’ve come to believe that upon arriving in skibumdom one ought to receive a ski-bum rubric for self-evaluation, and though I haven’t quite decide what needs to appear on the rubric, I feel certain of a few points. First, skis. The ski bum arrives without equipment — his family’s ten days a year have never made it necessary, so when the ski shop gear guy tells him, “You can pick skis now, but when you really know what you want in three months, you’ll be back” it barely registers. Two pairs of skis? That’s for Serious Ski People. No way. Yet it continues to knock around in the recesses of the mind for a while, until finally it begins competing for space with thoughts like “where are the single women?”

And at that point, the ski bum follows one of two paths. He inspects his bank account, finds his reserves adequate, and purchases a second pair of skis. Or, he inspects his bank account, finds his reserves inadequate, and purchases skis. This earns him high points on the ski bum rubric. Money in the bank signals foresight and security, therefore dealing the severest of blows to the ski bum’s score.

So as you might imagine, I bring all this up because I, too, have just purchased a second set of skis. (Ski blather follows.) I’d discovered the limitations of my Rossignol Phantom 80s. They chattered at speed. They dove all too happily in powder. They skittered in thick crud, worrying me about the possibility of deflection and disaster. But they also laid down railroad tracks on groomers and bounced through moguls without much effort. They were serviceable nearly everywhere. But serviceable left me wanting something more, so I settled on a pair of dedicated powder and crud skis: the Dynastar Huge Troubles.

08/09 Dynastar Huge Trouble

And they rock.

Sure the ski season won’t last much into April, and sure I don’t even know what I’ll be doing after that, but skiing will continue to figure into life here and there. The impulsiveness has once again subsided so I can once again move on, improving my ski bum score with each passing day.



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