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No Thursday Post 5 February 2010

Posted by magicdufflepud in Uncategorized.

My college friends have arrived, so no Thursday post. Instead we spent our time reminiscing and wondering about the status of our fraternity. Take from that what you will, but most importantly it means that today’s post will take a few days longer to materialize. No promises for tomorrow and Saturday might not include anything either, so at best I can say that at some point I will write something worth reading.

In the meantime, I leave you with these questions: What ought government do? Should we oppose government in principle or should we weigh each goal against the market’s ability to better achieve it? I’ve read several items recently (here and here) that point to the absurdity of inchoate fears about any government action. Perhaps it’s better, then, to approach intervention in the markets from a utilitarian perspective. Perhaps government can better coordinate some efforts. Perhaps bureaucrats can effectively manage new programs. Maybe, but Medicare will still run out of money before our generation receives any of the benefits. Every small government type need recognize that no amount of federal waste reduction will make up for the simple scaling back of entitlement programs. But who wants to tell Grandma that Medicare, um… doesn’t care?


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