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Wolf Creek 22 January 2010

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Is it bad form as a Vail employee to talk about Wolf Creek? Eh, probably, but after work today, I can’t really contain my excitement. 16-22 inches tonight, then 9-13 inches tomorrow during the day? This southwestern Colorado dumping ground deserves another look, even if it is five hours away, and perhaps more than that, it deserves a road trip — our first of the season.

I’d intended to stick to a tight budget, one that would save nearly half my income, but as it’s become more obvious that life will get in the way, and that a real job with real income will follow, I find myself less inclined to thrift any more. Maybe I can spend that money. Maybe I can indulge just a bit more. After all, it’s only retirement that’s at stake…

And yes, it’s easy to say that the benefits of compound interest will mean that later in life, I’ll be able to consume (relatively) more, but I wonder whether certain activities benefit from a less advanced age, if skiing wolf creek now with x dollars will count for more than the same amount of time at age 65. In essence, then, I’m asking whether experiences themselves grow at a compounded rate, the interest of nostalgia together with the increasing value of photos and shared times. Eventually these carefree days will end, finally snuffed out by family and obligation and responsibility, each of course bringing their own reward, but for now, it’s possible to live just a little bit longer at the brink, chasing whatever fancy may arise.


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